Loft-Finder Listing Policy

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The loft-finder is located on NewTown Macon’s website at This is a free service available to lofts within the Core Business District (CBD). The CBD includes Fifth Street to New Street and Riverside Drive to Plum Street.

Adding Your Property to the Loft-Finder
Please send the following to

Building Info:
• Name of building and street address
• Number of total lofts in building
• Amenities included in rent
• Lease terms (6 month, 12 month?)
• Pets allowed?
• Manager/Managing company name
• Manager phone number
• Manager email
• Company/property website or link to Facebook
• Photo of building’s exterior

Info for Each Unit in Building:
• Unit number/letter
• Price
• Square footage
• Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
• Available or Currently occupied
• Floorplan
• Photos of unit

If you do not have photos of your building and/or units, NewTown is happy to send staff photographer to take some, at no charge. Please coordinate with

Updating Your Listing

To update your listing, please contact Emily at or 478-722-9909. If you do not notify Emily on availability, the property will be listed as not available.

Once your property has leased, please notify Emily so she can update the availability. If you do not update Emily, your property will be listed as “available” for up to 60 days. After 60-days your property will move to “unavailable” status, unless you notify Emily letting her know it is still available.