Business Assistance

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NewTown Macon’s primary strategies in growing jobs have shifted from individual business recruitment to building a viable and sustainable market for businesses to sell goods and services to consumers. This shift in priorities has had a remarkable impact on storefront occupancy. A recent study in North Carolina showed that residents of each new loft constructed spend an additional $15,000 on storefront services. Drawing new residents drives spending that sustains existing businesses and makes a market for new businesses to open, evidenced by the increasing occupancy rate.
We believe the best strategic investments in driving storefront occupancy are:

1) continued loft development concentrated in and around our target blocks, and…
2) new programs and events to drive increased foot traffic in and around our target blocks.

Subordinate to these strategies is a viable and effective program to assist potential businesses with locating downtown and retaining existing businesses downtown. Therefore, here is a directory of services offered by NewTown and other local partners to help you start, grow or move your business to downtown Macon.

Advice and Coaching

NewTown Macon offers one-on-one mentorship with prospective and existing downtown businesses. At all times, NewTown has several SCORE-certified mentors on staff with professional specialties in marketing, fundraising, financial planning and location services. You can register for mentorship by contacting us. Businesses must be involved in an active mentorship relationship to be eligible for any additional assistance from NewTown.

Location Services

NewTown Macon

NewTown Macon offers free one-on-one location services. Because of our work, we often know the inside story on storefronts or office space for your business. We will meet with you individually to learn more about your business needs. After identifying spaces that might work for you, we will set up tours for you to see the space. Depending on your needs, we will continue to advise you throughout the leasing or purchase process. Email us at or call 478-722-9909 x108.


Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce seeks to unite all the public and private interests to support those activities that are broader than any single business or industry, but that promote the welfare of our city and the area as a whole. The Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce is a working partnership of business and professional people like you who know the wisdom of coordinating their efforts under effective leadership for advancement and development of the community and the free enterprise system. You can learn more about membership in the Chamber and the networking benefits that membership confers on their website.