Business Improvement District

First Meeting

The first meeting of the inaugural Downtown Macon Business Improvement District (BID) Board will be Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 3:30pm at the Peyton Anderson Boardroom at NewTown Macon (555 Poplar St.).  The meeting is accessible and open to the public.

BID Board Elections

On September 19, 2017, property owners in downtown Macon met the Cox Capitol Theatre to elect an inaugural Board to manage the Downtown Macon BID.  The following seven individuals will serve on the BID Board:


The Hon. Robert A.B. Reichert, Mayor of Macon-Bibb

President William D. Underwood, Chair of the Board of Directors, NewTown Macon

Three Year Term (2017-2020)

Jean Bragg, 530 Cherry Street Building Renovations, LLC; 543 Poplar St., LLC

Terry Henderson, Bumbledawg Enterprises, LLC

Two Year Term (2017-2019)

Wes Griffith- Griffith Family Investment; 543 Cherry Street Building, LLC; Mulberry Street Parking, LLC

Tom Wight- 577 Mulberry Street LLC; 240 Second Street, LLC

One Year Term (2017-2018)

David Sanda- Capital City Bank

Thank you to each property owner that voted in favor of a cleaner and safer Downtown Macon!